in Jaipur has found the presence of sour taste in Buttermilk samples of Akshay Patra Dairy, which is owned by Akshaya Patra Dairy India. we’ve had buttermilk go bad… it really stinks, similar to spoiled milk.

There is no expiry date on Akshaya Patra 500 ml Buttermilk pouch. As per Food Safety and Standards (Packaging & Labelling) Regulations 2011, food items having a shelf life of less than one week are required to display ‘Use By’ date on the package while items with longer shelf life are required to write the date of packing and ‘Best before’ period/date. Pasteurised milk has a shelf life of two days under refrigeration and requires ‘use by’ date to be printed.

Jaipur Explore editor-in-chief, who exposed the adulteration, they will file an FIR will be registered against them under section 59 (1) of the Food Safety and Standards Act 2006 (selling unsafe food items) with the court of additional chief judicial magistrate.”

A company official, however, denied that the buttermilk supplied in pouches was substandard. “It is very unfortunate that the samples collected at the village level are being wrongly attributed to Akshyaya Patra Dairy,” Sudheera Sampad Dasa, business head for the Dairy products at Akshaya Patra Dairy told to our Editor-in-Chief Vikram Singh Dhodhaliya.

They Are selling many products like Milk without any mfg or expiry date, Ghee, Buttermilk, etc. As per FSSAI, any food product should have Best before a date or use by date. Under Indian conditions, Milk is having a shelf life of 2 days if kept under refrigeration. So the printed date will be current date + 2 days (Day after tomorrow).


This is not the first time the public has faced trouble in the state from The Akshaya Patra Dairy. Many times they found the spoiled milk, Butter Milk etc.

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