What is the first question that comes to every woman’s mind when she comes to know about any party, wedding or any function in her family or with friends? Yes the answer of course is her appearance, her dress, her jewelry and her makeup. Dress and jewelry can be purchased or prepared according to the occasion and fashion trends but what about makeup? If makeup is done wrong, the whole look gets ruined.

In this case, one can always follow some basic easy makeup trends which are evergreen and help you stand out of the crowd.

Wedding Makeup

For the wedding makeup, the climate, color scheme, outdoor or indoor venue and consideration about day and night look is to be done. Skin should be prepped up before starting the makeup properly. Choosing a lightweight foundation is an important tip along with waterproof products. A makeup trial should be done essentially before the D-day and the lipstick or lip balm should be the comfortable one.

Party Makeup

Depending on what kind of party it is, one can select the perfect make up look. If it is a small party with friends, just a casual look with minimal make up can be done. The hairdo should be stylish along with trendy accessories and lip shade can be a little darker. You can also opt for different shades of eyeliners to look classy.

If it is a reception party, you can opt for a heavy makeup look with an ethnic dress. Take care of your hairdo as it can prove to be plus point for your complete look.

Make up natural cosmetics flat lay. Lipstick and nail polish, eye shadows and blush, brushes, pencils and rose buds against pink color background.

Festive Makeup

Indian festivals are marked with purity and spirituality in which tradition and culture makes a big point. You can opt for a glam look in which donning a beautiful ethnic dress along with some stunning jewelry can add more charm to your beauty. Red and maroon shades of lipsticks along with heavy eye makeup can give that perfect festive vibe to your complete look.

Engagement Makeup

One can opt for a HD makeup for the big day. Engagement makeup should look natural and subtle while making you look beautiful and flawless. The hairstyle should be stylish and the dress should be selected according to the climate and time of function. HD makeup makes your skin look flawless and hides the lines and creases. The skin is camera ready for hours with this kind of makeup.

Office Makeup

Office makeup is basically for presenting yourself confidently and should not be much gaudy to grab unnecessary attention. A subtle look with neat hairdo and a soothing matte look with a light shade of lipstick is a yes for daily wear office look. Your dress should be formal and this kind of makeup above it makes you feel comfortable and confident.


PC: TimesofIndia, unsplash.com

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