Green Hotel  is one of the  small places in Jaipur.Green Hotel is located on M. D. Road, Jaipur. The place looks like an old traditional Tea Hotel. When you walk up on to the Hotel and into the door you can see how tiny this place is. Served with a hot tea, the Tea here tastes awesome and quite authentic! Tea is served piping hot! They have a very good ambience, and place is quite clean space and this is the place to go with friends, there was one long wooden bench from one end of the Hotel to the other. The Hotel is totally Non- Smoking. The ambience is perfect for those looking for Veteran Actor ‘Dilip Kumar’s Beautiful Pictures. The back of the hotel is a fill with Dilip Kumar’s pictures, very much like a Old Bollywood Exhibition. And the entire building is aged wood, from the floors to the ceiling. They have only Tea, But ‘Jaipur Explore’ Team was most impressed with the Dilip Kumar’s  pictures selection.

Old Place is such a throwback! The cabin decor makes you feel like your stepping into another time and place. everyone else just sits at the Green Hotel. This Hotel Runs by Mohd. Jahoor and his son Imran, They are super nice and friendly.The restaurant is fully decorated with veteran Actor  Dilip Kumar’s pictures. It is unique with excellent Tea. This  Restaurent is much cheeper than any similar one in the old Town.


‘Jaipur Explore’ so thrilled they got to experience this restaurant and they eagerly looking forward to the next time will get to drink Tea at Old Place.

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