Kathak is one of the ancient and traditional forms of Indian Classical dance. Still it is alive in many hearts of dancers and it give peace to them. Jaipur is that city which evovles the tradition of Kathak.

Kathak is a art survived, learnt and innovated from one generation to another verbally and through practise. On the eve of Basant Panchmi the GEETANJALI MUSIC SOCEITY had organised a cultural evening named ”Niritya Gaayan Vaadan” based on Kathak, where our Team Jaipur Explore Reached and captured the beautiful moments. The students of age group of 4 to 30 years shown there passion towards Kathak who practise hard and had done alot of pace.

Traditional Art - Kathak (3)

Ms. Seema Goyal the head and coordinator started the programme enlightening the diyas before theLord Ganesha. After that the little Girls Stylistically, emphazies rhythmic foot movements with small bells (Ghungroo) on Saraswati Vandana with good body gestures and facial expression.

Then the Young girls who were fullfied with Peace of Joy of Kathak moved the dancing steps of Kathak on different Bollywood song which make the Institute more unique and more proud on them. In the end of the beautiful evening the Institution distritubed the attractive gifts to the participant who had shown there passion by some Kathak dance performances.

Traditional Art - Kathak (2)

Basically THE GEETANJALI MUSIC SOCIETY focuses more upon the learnings of our Traditonal Art of India, Kathak.. that everyone can learn and enjoys the art of ancient dance form KATHAK.

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