A fascinating article of Dr.Supriya Kapoor saying:

Not only God, we can also help anyone, whether it is right after death.

Being a good doctormeans incredibly compulsive.On 4-12-2017 I (Dr. Supriya Kapoor) father (Dr. Chandra Mohan Kapoor) and mother (Shri Mati Renu Kapoor) registered with the Department of Physiology, SMS Medical College, Jaipur .

Just think, if we do not donate the body after death and donate our body, then our bodies will either be burnt or buried. In both cases, our body has to be destroyed. That body will not work for us or our families. Anything else will not work as well.


It was only here that if anything is not of our work, we will burn it, bury it or do anything but will not allow anyone to use it! We keep on bashing ourselves all the time that we wanted to do something good in life. Do you sometimes get such thoughts in your mind too?

If so, give me a gift


In such a case, if we have given the information of Angadan or Dahdan to our family, then in the last time we will feel a strange peace that we are earning virtue even after death.

In fact, after we die, donning or donating, we get a chance to live life again! Therefore, I just want to say that even after I die I would like to live in this world in some form or not.


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