1. Dr. I.U.Khan

(Head of Department of Drawing and Painting)

Q-1. So, Sir Tell me something aboutyourself?

I am currently working in a Rajasthan University as a head of department of Drawing and Painting. Basically I belong to a farmer family and lived in the village of Hathikeda, Kota. I like planting very much and I have a proper knowledge of agriculture. I have done my schooling from Kota and also pursued my college from there. I am a gold medalist in M.A. During my college time I learned photography also and after that I completed my Ph.D from Rajasthan University and also done Urdu certificate course. As a Assistant professor I joined teaching staff in 1997 and recently I am a local head. In 2004,I am a Ph.D guide in which I had 15 students of Ph.D.

Q-2 How much time you have in this stream ?

         From last 21 years, I am in this stream. In the college of Rajasthan I was a vice principle for 13th months over there and recently I am a HOD of Drawing and Painting in Rajasthan University from July, last year.

Q-3 How will you motivate the students?

        For me, teaching is everything and I love to teach my students. By giving examples, always doing work with them, develop positivity even I call my Final students as a Diamond. From these things I Motivate my students.

Q-4 What are your key strengths?

       Well, I am a very positive and enthusiasm person. I love teaching and my students are my strength. I always love to teach them.

Q-5 what changed after joining your college?

    There are a lot of changes I have seen like normal rooms converted into Smart classroom and students like those rooms very much.

Q-6 What is the best thing in Rajasthan University according to you?

According to me,my students, staff and my University are the best thing.

Q-7 According to you whatthe quality should be for a post of Head of Department?

According to me, he/she should be a time punctual, always hear student problem and give solution to their problems, should have a positive attitude, should take regular classes, should be a little friendly to the students, should be a guide, should have a interest to teach students with love and friendly though students can also enjoy to learn new things.

Q-8 What are you achievements?

I got best outstanding performance, Bharat JyotiAward in Delhi and also got Shiksha Gaurav Award, Jaipur. Even I got Award of Best unit of NSS Programs.

Q-9 What will you do after your retirement?

       As teaching is my passion and I will never leave my profession. After retirement I will teach children & women.

Q-10 Any projects you have created?

         Yes, of-course I have made 10,000 Power Point Presentation slides. From that I taught my students and it’s a matter of pride to me that those students were selected in NET, Navodya School, K.V and some selected in Ph.D. I have created a University project that I want to tell to the Vice Chancellor of Rajasthan University. The project name is Mission and Vision which includes main gate, counselor, net classes, motivational lectures, auditorium, CCTV camera, computer lab for private exam, online fee, university museum, high-tech library, smart classrooms, logo on vehicle, security guards for all gates, canteen-good quality food with cheap rates , science park, yoga classes, gym, proper parking place, proper dustbins, self-defense training for girls, monitoring committee, physiotherapist, English speaking course, health check-up camp, research section, hostels for students, I card machine, child care center, happiness center, auditor, complaint box, alumni, games/sports, talent hunt scholarship and annual award.

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