Jaldhara Water World is an amazing water theme park with amazing rides, water slides, simulated rain dances and wave pools. An amazing sample of the blend of nature, wild trees and creature, Jaldhara Jaipur is the most up-to-date making of the JDA (Jaipur Development Authority). This is a place where a dash of adventure mixed with a splash of fun and freedom makes you forget your age. It is an extremely romantic place for the young generation to feel the affection and express their love to their partners and also feel the beauty of nature. Those who are too scared of rides, Jaldhara Water World offers hours of relaxation. It has an array of rides for children, youngsters and those who are young at heart. After all the fun, you can savour mind-blowing delicacies at the restaurants inside the park. Jaldhara Fountain is half KM long. The places are created in a very unique way to make the feel of nature and the entire spot is encompassed by the different trees and fake rocks, lovely sign sheets which train guests to deal with Jaldhara and to keep it green and clean.

Jaldhara is a great water wellspring in Jaipur. This wellspring is spread over an enclosure crosswise over a large portion of a kilometre beginning from OTS loop to the Dainik Bhaskar office in Jaipur. The place around the wellspring consists of statues of dolphins, confines of counterfeit fledgelings and creatures and fake crocodiles and tortoise put in the water lake of Jaldhara. The wellspring Jaldhara looks beautiful in the charm of the night and two more lightings wellsprings are also shown in the enclosure giving a fabulous look during nights. This wellspring park has turned into the most loved of each Jaipurite since its opening and it is just as well known with the sightseers.


Timings for Jaipur Jaldhara are 5:00 PM to 9.00 PM and the Ticket price is worth Rs. 10/- each and weekend tariff is 20 Rs. per person.

Http://Www.Rtdc.In/, Http://Www.Rajasthantourism.Gov.In

Rajasthan Tourism Development Corporation Ltd. (RTDC)


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