Since ages, the fashion industry has been the feminine influenced stream, but now the time has come for the males who are attempting to be recognized. The outcome of their struggle is well seen and they are equally in demand as the feminine. Though the treatment is not the same always, those who fight for their success have proved themselves.

SHAKTI SINGH Discovered by a popular Jaipur Explore magazine, he has been working in the industry since 2014.

This Jaipur-born Rajpoot gentleman has walked for the likes of many shows, and is easily Jaipur’s most well-known male model whose foray into modeling has been limited to just one, making him a primary model. He moved to Mumbai Three years ago, His campaign work includes many brands.

Dedication to fitness, a wholesome diet, and a conscientious routine have awarded these hard-working models this status, with a little luck too. Genetic good looks only took them so far, as they made most of the effort on their own. Under the purview of fashion and its contents, their presence has been compulsory to development and propagation of style.

He is very focused and goal oriented person. He absolutely loves traveling and meeting to people. He knew in His town as “the guy who knows everyone.His interests include working out, and fashion coordination, He is a social butterfly so to speak.

According to Shakti: I am a strong believer in the power of Lord Shiva in this world and it reflects on my work and in my daily interactions with other people. I am not scared of failure, I am very athletic, i love to stay fit it amazes me that what beautiful thing can do with our body its a gift from God. I love playing outdoor Games, I love music, I love playing my Guitar, I am currently trying my hands on Guitar. Good or bad all that i went through makes me person that I am today and this what reflects through my personality. I always want to achieve my aim by doing hard work and wants to become a self-dependent and super model wants to achieve success.

Jaipur Explore Magazine as an agency of Shakti’s Modelling assignment will represent male model SHAKTI SINGH from Jaipur. He is an aspiring male model, ‘Jaipur Explore’ welcome Shakti Singh to join us

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