Street food refers to ready to eat food sold by Vendors and Hawkers on a public road, colony, park, lane and highway in a city. Street food looks as good as it looks good to eat. It’s a flavored food and even accepted by all the population. Street food is high today.It is a food that all children, senior citizens, young people like. There is no doubt in that the food of Jaipur is very good.


Talking about street food, people still like to eat street food.Not only Jaipur but all the people coming from outside Jaipur also love street food. Garma Garam Soup walacame from Bhilwara to Jaipur two years ago and He sells Vadapao, Dabeli and Tomato Soup. Making Tomato Soup is his Specialty. Rich people are also good clients. His daily earning is 3000 rupees. The people of the c- scheme drink soup from there only and like his soup so much.It has been seen that big people are good costumer.

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