Jaipur is considered to be a beautiful tourist destination. Endowed with architectural heritage, the city has a rich history. Every year people come in large numbers to see the historical magnificence and listen to the stories of war, kings and queens, murders, betrayals, bloodshed and political turmoils. As a home to stories of civilizations as old as 5000 years ago, the place also has a spine-chilling yet intriguing side to it.

Tales that give you goosebumps are not only scary but also fascinating. If you have an inclination towards such frightening narratives and have the guts to listen and visit them, then this post is exactly for you.


The Nahargarh Fort
Located on the edge of Aravalli Hills, Nahargarh Fort offers a lovely view of the city of Jaipur. The Nahargarh fort has a legend attached to it as well. The fort was earlier named Sudarshangarh. However, the spirit of Nahar Singh Bhomia, a former Rathore prince, spooked the fort as the land in which it was being built once belonged to him. However, the king Jai Singh built a temple within the fort and devoted it to him, and the spirit was pacified.

However, as the excavation started for the construction of the Fort, the spirit of Nahar Singh Bhomia was disturbed and hurt. As a result, it started haunting the site. Nahargarh is no longer known to be haunted. However, you can time and again see people claim to have had some spooky experiences in the fort.

Although the king who was building this palace for his wives, changed the name to ‘Nahargarh’, the spirit never got any rest till this day. Some tales also suggest that a modern-day engineer who was responsible for a renovation assignment of the Fort was found dead under mysterious circumstances. People believe that the spirit was not pleased with the upcoming renovation work, hence, he eliminated the person responsible for it. While The Nahargarh Fort offers a mesmerizing panoramic view of the Pink city, the ghostly story surely motivates us to visit the majestic palace.

To be continued……..

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