Under the supervision of Poonam Ankur Chhabda on the birth anniversary of immortal sacrificial Shri Gurusharan Chhabda, the liquor ban supporter of the entire state will reach Jaipur.

Poonam Chhabda

Martyr Gurusharan Chhabda, who protested life time for liqour ban and strong public commission and who also performed hunger strike to death for the liquor ban, on his birth anniversary and the participation of his younger daughter-in-law Poonam Ankur Chhabda in declared hunger strike for liquor ban, supporters will reach from the entire state to Jaipur.

Poonam Ankur Chhabda said that on June 9, 2017, There is birth anniversary of late Chhabda Sahib and thousand of his liquor ban supporters will reach the city and will join the meet. By administration not giving permission in the last moment of our program proved that it is killing democracy. Taking inspiration from the martyrdom of Chhabra Saheb, we will reach from Panch Batti to Shahid Smarak tomorrow morning with the organization for the scheduled program.

Me, Poonam Ankur Chhabra, national president of Justice for late Chhabda ji association, On the occassion of birth anniversary of Chhabda Sahib, demanding liquor ban from the government for the state interest.

Poonam Ankur Chhabda
National President
Justice for Chhabda ji

Humble request- for publication

Request – Please be pleased to send the reporter and camera man and get coverage of the program.
Date: -09-Jun-017
10:00 AM
Location: – Panch Batti Chauraha to Shahid Smarak, Jaipur
Thank you

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