South Indian Food Corner; National Handloom, Vaishali Nagar, Jaipur

‘South Indian Dosa Corner’ is a famous food-point which is serving varieties of Dosas from last 25 years. Get amazed with the real taste of South India at South Indian Dosa Corner. It is located at Vaishali Nagar. The place has a fairly clean environment and is pocket-friendly.


Though this is a thela, but the taste that it serves is much better than many restaurants that serve south Indian food. If you will savour the food here you will never forget the taste would love to visit this place often. The South Indian Dosa Corner stands at the front of national Handloom at Vaishali Nagar. At Dosa Corner, you get this delicious delicacy with four varieties of chutney(sauces) exclusively. They prepare a unique taste using the quintessential ingredients.


Dosa is crispy and spicy in taste. A mixture of potatoes, chillies and onions are stuffed inside the crunchy flat-bread which is very yummy. The tastes vary according to the stuffing.

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