You can see too many conservative firebrands coming out of Rajasthan. However,  National President Of ‘Shree Rashtriya Rajput Karni Sena’ Sukhdev Singh Gogamedi managed to shake up his very liberal and culturally diverse with his fearless activism and he is considered a pioneering figure in the Rajputs Society.
 It all began with his school’s politics activity. Through his successful activism, among other things, he was able to re-instate the district policy that required the “Pledge of society” be recited in his area and made sure that the others talk about the Education, Equality, & social welfare  “in an even-handed way.” But, Sukh Dev Singh didn’t stop there.
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Sukhdev Singh’s theories ranged from an individual to a societal focus: he is one of the first thinkers to argue that knowledge can only be derived from experience, thus making each person’s identity entirely individual and based on their lived experiences. Sukhdev Singh built on this to argue that while a government can not take into account all individual perspectives, it nevertheless had a duty to fairly represent the majority of the people and protect their rights, rather than acting for a privileged minority.
Sukhdev Singh advocated the replacement of the capitalist system with a fairer system, namely socialism.
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In his Many years, He has worked with many communities fighting on a wide range of issues – Social Issue, racial profiling, immigration detentions, solitary confinement, marriage equality. In this work, He has discovered that his struggles are interconnected. He is part of one broad movement for civil rights and human dignity. He believes it’s the old way to fight only for our own communities or causes. The future of his movements calls for deep solidarity. When he organise together and raise a collective voice for social justice, They can create lasting policy and culture change.
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