When ‘Jaipur Explore’ team went for Diwali coverage they Saw “Men on work on the light festivals in the night”. For Jaipur traffic police, Diwali means not just celebrations but additional duty and long hours at work. When Jaipur explore Team Asked, They Said the traffic rush has gone up drastically in the  past five days and the roads were especially congested on These Days, when people flocked the streets to shop and to celebrate Diwali, We were on duty.

‘Jaipur Explore’ Team  Notice That while traffic rush is always there at this intersection during peak hours and managing it is a difficult task, the festival season has doubled the work of Traffic Police. To add to the problem of traffic.

‘Jaipur Explore’ Team many time noticed, They were no time to stand in one place for more than two minutes. It has been the same for the past few days, When “Jaipur Explore” asked how they would celebrate Diwali, they said that they would celebrate Diwali, after Diwali.

Jaipur Traffic police has been on special duty since last five days and are looking after arrangements for traffic Management to avoid traffic chaos and to keep an eye of the miscreants in the markets and other public places”.  When the ‘Pink City’ Jaipur enjoyed the festival of lights and crackers on Sunday with their dear ones, the Traffic Police  geared up on their toes to tackle with any untoward incident in the city. In an attempt to maintain smooth flow of traffic during Diwali, the Jaipur Traffic Police have extra duty on Diwali. While the rest of us celebrated the festival of lights shared Sweets, crackers and lighting diyas with family, a few good citizens were  working in line of duty. Some ensuring that the others enjoy a safe and happy Diwali. On Diwali, They worked with a smile on Diwali, telling people to drive safe and follow rules politely.

When ‘Jaipur Explore’ team went for Diwali coverage they Saw Men on work on the light festivals in the night.  ‘Jaipur Explore’ appreciate and say Thank you traffic police for tirelessly helping to keep us safe, Hat’s off to the hard work.you stand in the sun, rain , Festivals, noise only to see that we reach our destinations safely.

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