The shared meal is the source of numerous benefits to a better and more successful life.Studies suggest that children of families that regularly eat dinner together are less likely to suffer from anxiety, and more likely to enjoy boosted self-esteem.
With the decline of the traditional family dinner concept, the stress levels have also increased. But not many realize that eating a meal with your family can be a great stress reliever. After all, a meal at the dinner table will not only give you time to reconnect with your family members but also help you relax.
'Eat Together' and you will feed more than your belly. You’ll fill up on family love – food for your soul
By establishing the family table as a space to bond, communicate and feel supported, “parents are exerting a powerful subliminal influence through uncontrived role-modelling,” says one expert. That’s why kids who enjoy regular family meals enjoy something else too: boosted grades.
Did You See The President’s Choice “Eat Together” Commercial ????
This two and a half minute spot (which ideally would have been no longer than 45 seconds) is a pure fantasy of course, but a pleasant enough one. the appropriately nerdy looking woman is planning on making their hallway potluck dinners a weekly event, complete with an array of gluten-free vegan desserts, and an aprés dinner adult coloring book session. Good times. Jokes aside, #EatTogether is nice, and they could turn that into a larger (and more realistic) platform. I’d like to believe somewhere a copy wanker did his best to try and sell #EatOut and get away with it, features the song “What The World Needs Now is Love”
Eating as a family also means you’re less likely to eat in front a screen. That doesn’t just mean you’ll enjoy more memorable conversations and bonding time. It’s also good news for your waistline: researchers found that eating in front of the TV makes kids and adults eat significantly more — you might even chow down on an extra full meal each day! Food and conversation are a perfect pairing and a chance for people of all generations to learn from each other.
“I used to tune out my grandparents when I visited for a weekly dinner,” says 27-year-old Pooja. “But we got to talking about a work dispute I’d been having with a colleague, and my Dadi gave me great advice,” she recalls. “She took the time to really examine the situation rather than just try to placate me like friends of my own generation.” Now, Pooja’s Dadi is her go-to guru: the two are closer than ever. “I seek her opinion on problems often since she has a unique viewpoint.”
Need one last reason to dine as a group? How about the fact that it can flood your body with happy chemicals? Sharing meals with loved ones releases oxytocin (better known as the love hormone). No wonder Psychology Today lists eating together as a top-10 way to boost good feelings.
So, eat together and you will feed more than your belly. You’ll fill up on family love – food for your soul.
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