The full history of manly accessories (men-accessories) will have to wait because the current appreciation for chainmail, stove-pipe hats, and neon blue fanny packs is, in my opinion, unsatisfactory. The kingdom of manly accessories is rich in history spanning each and every culture, and through the ages there has always been a well-trimmed man; of course only in the eyes of the beholder.

A gentleman’s wardrobe is indeed a work of art and reflects someone’s work ethic. The contents of the wardrobe separate the real men from the rest and for many men, coming up with the right wardrobe can be a huge challenge to fathom. It’s really never easy and to some people, it may appear like it’s time wasting. However, after you have had the right items together, building the right wardrobe is easy. Here are items which every man will need.



The watch’s most basic function is to tell time, but when dressing formally, it does much more than that. For many men, this is the only hand accessory which they can invest in and it really helps to make it an exceptional timepiece. It’s better having one pretty nice piece than several grungy timepieces. A watch can subtly compliment an outfit and add class to an appearance. The best watches for formal attires are the simpler watches. Not watches with a million designs or hands or numbers. 12 numbers, 3 hands, and a nice plain face will nicely compliment an already nice outfit.


Tie / Scarf

The greater the number of ties that a man has the better. But be careful of how to choose your tie as it is important to avoid cheap ties because they will just look cheap even if you pair it with expensive shirt and suit. Buy the kind of a tie that you can afford, but you need not settle for an awful material. Navy blue tie that’s made of silk material is the best of all.

Many men think that a scarf of just for women, but this is not always the case. Invest in a high-quality scarf and wear it during winter to keep you warm and looking stylish. It can be paired with a peacoat or a casual jacket.

Messenger Bags

These are a sign of elegance and can be used to carry quite a number of items. Stylish messenger bags for men compliment a great looking attire and the best thing with men’s messenger bags is that they are available in different materials like cloth, leather etc, many colors, sizes.

Men’s bags give their style a proclamation of discipline and order. The holdall bags are specifically designed for sporty men and those who travel frequently. They give you a look of fitness and strength. Nothing can beat the sophistication of a leather bag complemented with a pair of leather shoes or a pure leather jacket, also they go with trendy clothes. Whether you are going for a fun weekend trip or you have signed up for a summer fitness program, a bag will suffice your fashion as well as baggage needs. They have an adaptable design which goes well with all kinds of casual and formal dressings.



A high-quality leather belt, just like an extraordinary pair of shoes can last you for a pretty long period of time. Black and chocolate brown are among the colors that can make a huge difference for those who want to stand out in the crowd. These colors are fantastic because they can easily match well with all your suits.


Shoes are the key defining element of any dressing style. They speak stridently about your personality traits and individual qualities. If you are always on the look for the best shoes to wear at work, business meetings or any other casual commitments, a pair of tassel shoes is your ultimate solution. Tassel shoes with laces will look more sophisticated and appropriate for official dressings while shoes without laces give a more casual and comfy look and are more suitable for slightly formal evening dinners or weekend parties. The trendiest men are stepping out in occasions, which have to stitch around the shoe’s base and boast maximum comfort thanks to their soft suede foundation and rubber sole. You can go barefoot in these (just make sure to sprinkle talcum powder in the shoe — smelly feet are never fashionable).



Other than providing you protection against the suns rays, sunglasses also add a touch of style. There are many styles that are available and one of the best is the aviator frames. Your sunglasses should be clean and compliment both your face and the situation you’ll be wearing them in. I recommend that a man have at least two pairs of sunglasses in his wardrobe – a classic, quality pair for everyday use that can be worn with either a suit or polo shirt and a cheaper, disposable pair that can be worn in situations where the likelihood of them never being seen again is high (boating on Lake Travis).

However, like with most things, once you buy good quality you’ll find it lasts longer, especially when you take better care of it. Purchase a protective case and use non-scratch pads for cleaning the lenses. You should know what you want when it comes to shades, and always be looking for clearance deals. They can be found!

Accessories are like the service and ambience surrounding a fine meal – they add to and enrich the experience. The finest accessories in the world cannot help a man who doesn’t care about his appearance; however, the proper use of them can transform a decently dressed fellow into an extraordinarily dressed gentleman.

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