Neema Kanwar a pioneer of the modern active Village’s women.
 it is the story of a poverty-stricken village woman named Neema who, in the absence of her husband, struggles to raise her son & Daughters and survive against a cunning Society amidst many troubles. Despite her hardship, she sets a goddess-like moral example of an ideal Indian woman. Neema  as the symbol of women empowerment.
A glimpse of Mother India
In Indian Rajpoot Society Widow neither gets socio-economic support nor do they get counseling and emotional support in distress from family and society. Indian widows are often invisible, not least in relation to their economic contribution and unpaid family work in the household. In our country widows are deprived of getting pension schemes benefits due to corruption. They are facing numbers of problems in their life. Besides of these rituals,  Neema raises her children through many trials and tribulations. But no matter the struggles, She always sticks to her own moral code. For Neema as a single mom has been a challenge and an emotional rollercoaster ride.  Being a single mother is an uphill journey for Neema and the deep patriarchy entrenched structure of the Indian law, and bureaucracy makes it further a gargantuan feat.
to be continued…………
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