Jawahar Circle
Jawahar Circle

JAWAHAR CIRCLE is located in the heart of the Pink city.  It’s a huge circle and become more advanced by Jaipur Development Authority. Patrika Gate is very attractive and beautifully designed which is the entrance gate. The architecture of Patrika Gate is very intricate.

Counting features are Musical Fountain, Park for Children, Jogging Path, Smart Benches, Proper Sitting Arrangements, Way Walk, Chaupati (food stalls), Family Garden, Vehicle Parking and The greenery that attracts itself very much. Musical Fountain is in the middle of the park.

Jawahar Circle
Jawahar Circle

park (2)                                        park

                            Park                                                                                                        Park

sitting Facilities

                  Sitting Facility 

Fountain is covered with water shape and it plays with music that’s why it’s called musical fountain. It is run every evening for 15-20 minutes and moves different lights together. People enjoy this musical fountain very well. The most attractive feature of Jawahar Circle is Musical Fountain. The park that is built for children has a swing of modern features.


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