For many of the residents of this historical city, a typical day begins with delicious and crisp kachoris. Stuffed with a filling of cooked dal and spices (dal kachori) or a dry onion sabzi (pyaz kachori), kachoris are typically made of a wheat or flour dough which is then deep-fried. They are famous snacks across the state of Rajasthan and Jaipur obviously has some of the best outlets.

Rawat Mishthan Bhandar (Station Road) is especially popular, drawing crowds since early morning. The famous Jodhpur Rawat Pyaaz Kachori served here is best in the town. Their pyaz kachoris are the best, according to residents. A crisp, flaky crust and a flavourful stuffing of masala onions, it’s no wonder that many people who taste these are often craving them long after.


Head to this popular takeaway with an attached restaurant for delicious Indian sweets and famous kachori (potato masala in a fried pastry case), a scrumptious savoury snack. A salty or sweet lassi or a delicious milk crown (fluffy dough with cream) should fill you up for the afternoon.

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