Indian weddings are incomplete without sweets. Although various new desserts have been introduced over the years, ladoo remains an important dessert for the big day. If tomorrow India has to choose a national sweet dish, the most likely contender should be the ladoo.

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It is believed that anything auspicious should be welcomed with something sweet. Indian celebrations are incomplete without the traditional sweets. One such sweet which is omnipresent is ladoo (a traditional ball-shaped Indian sweet made with different ingredients in different cultures and regions). It is immensely popular throughout the country. Traditionally, halwais (local Indian confectioners) were employed to prepare sweets for the marriages. Though in metros people now turn to sweet shops to place their orders, the practice is still prevalent in small towns even today. And interestingly, in India a shaadi (wedding) is compared to this traditional Indian sweet as the much popular saying goes as, “Shaadi is that kind of a ladoo that the one who tastes it regrets and the one who doesn’t taste it also regrets!”

It is absolutely impossible to escape ladoos in India. Almost all restaurants, dhabas, eateries and the streets stalls sell them. So be it a birthday party or a wedding party, festival or any religious ceremony be ready to taste some of the most scrumptious variety of Ladoos. The best part about ladoos are that they can be served at almost any time of the year.

Typically, the ladoos are made of flour (wheat, chickpea flour, millet flour, and many more) sugar, coconut which are together cooked in clarified butter (Ghee). There are abundant varieties of ladoos available these days and each variety has its own way of making it. some of the most popular names are motichoor ladoos, besan ladoos, boondi ke ladoos, sesame ladoos, coconut ladoos, urad ladoos, modak ladoos and many more. The list of different types of ladoos can go on forever, these days even diet ladoos are available.

Have you ever noticed the idol of Lord Ganesha? then you would see the Lord holding a ladoo. In fact, it is believed that ladoos are the favourite food of Lord Ganesha. So if you are looking to please Lord Ganesha, then go ahead and offer him some scrumptious ladoos and your wish shall surely be granted.

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