Polo remainsrich culture and royalty. It is said that it was named the sports of Kings because it was played by royals and their countries, ancient Iran where it started. Polo sport was introduced to modern civilization in the late 19th century.Modern polo originated in Manipur, north-eastern state of India. Jaipur club is also famous for polo and approximately 24kms located from the town.Jaipur club polois situated in Sirsi village and was founded by Col.K.S.Garcha one of the most known polo player in the past coach of the Indian National team. Col.K.S.Garcha has won the open championship for a record 13th times. He played almost the 25 over countries across the world.


Polo,is played on horseback. The field is 300yards long and 160 yards wide. Each team has a four players and play on horseback attempt to pass the ball down field to hit it through the goal and score. Polo field is well maintained and flat and covered with fully grass. Playing polo Equipment includes Polo helmet with face guard, polo mallets and ball, polo player must wearing kneepads. The players mount their horses wearing white jodhpurs and breeches, knee-high riding boots, a polo shirt and a whip in hand.


Members includes retires IAS officer, IRS officer, IPS officer, Lawyers, Doctors, Charted Accountants, Jewels, and the other citizens from various walk of life.Club managed and controlled by the team members.

Jaipur polo club provide many facilities such as swimming pool, tennis court, pool play etc. there are also packages of club joining includes

Accommodation, all meals, free laundry, free pick and drop on etc.


The main objective of this game is to score goals against an opposite team. Today, polo tournaments are played all over the world. Polo sport most popular in Argentina, China, South Africa, The UK, Singapore and the United States.

Though this game of nobles and played by royal of prince.It seems like a rich culture which is played by the high society of people.


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