No matter how high the heat may be, Rcbians always find a reason to explore!;
Where they provide once-in-a-lifetime memories of Bikaner most stunning on-road and off-road destinations. ‘The Ranbankura Club of Bullets’ has been providing one-of-a-kind unique adventure tours since 3rd of September 2k17. Vishvendra Singh Rathore and Raghvendra Singh Rathore are the Founders of ‘The Ranbankura Club of Bullets’. Come to join the people who have taken a life-changing ‘Royal Enfield’ Tour today! With Forty spectacular RCB, Royal Enfield Tours to choose from you can select the just the right experience for you. ‘RCB, Royal Enfield OTR custom builds their highly specialised vehicles for your personal safety and comfort. RCBians consider themselves above nobody, and beneath none. Decency & Discipline are the keys to safety on the highway, and when we hit the highways, we thrive par excellence. This means a better ride for you and less impact on our forest trails.

RCBians better know, not every owner of this great machine is a biker. But when They, the RCBians are on the highway with their *” Mean Machines”*, they try to be worthy of it.
The cloth used for the club Tshirts is a special *” Military Grade Matte”*, which keeps the body temperature maintained. Their each and every rider wear protective gears. They all stay connected during each ride via walkie-talkies and helmets with inbuilt Bluetooth. So whenever any situation arises on the highway, which needs sudden attention, it gets taken care of.
They have 3 Professional photographers with them. For each and every moment of joy is captured…
The aerial support to their *”Animation and Photography”* team is provided by a *”DJI Phantom Drone*”.
They usually ride on weekends or holidays or they mix them both.
Their admin panel always arranges their stays at comfortable and affordable locations. Sometimes they camp.
Sometimes they take homestays.
Fun is the most important ingredient of the recipe called Riding. And they never miss a chance for that.

RCB Founders Vishvendra Singh Rathore and Raghvendra Singh Rathore came to Jaipur on 5th August 18 and met to Shakti Pratap Singh, Laxman Singh, Rajendra Singh, Amit Sisodia Hamraj Singh At Bira Ri Baithak.
They Appointed to Shakti Pratap Singh as a Jaipur’s RCBians.
Jaipur Explore editor-in-chief विक्रम सिंह धोधलिया also was Join their meeting.

Scenic, off-road and high adventure fun in spectacular send rock Place! Bikaner, Jaisalmer, Now Jaipur is one of the most beautiful places in Rajasthan. Their OTR Bullets Tours have thrilled visitors! For the most popular off-road tour into Rajsthan’s magnificent Outback.

Ranbankura Club of Bullets”*…
Ranbankura Ride’s / Achievements;
• Deshnok Ride
• Gajner Fort – New Year Ride
• Gajner Wildlife Century
• Kolyat Ride Maggie – Kolayat Mines
• Tall Chapar Ride
• Jaisalmer – Indo°Pak Border – Laungewala Post
• Jodhpur Ride – Om Banna
• 26 January Ride – City Ride
• Marwar Riders Welcome Ride from Deshnok
• Khanuwali Border Post
• OTR – 1
• OTR – 2
• OTR – 3
• Rajasthan Tourism Ride & Event
• Swimming Ride – Teza Garden
• Welcome Ride – शहीद समान रैली – Jodhpur Highway – Junagarh
• One Ride One Tree – Gajner Place
• 550 Kilometers Ride Khatushyam Ji ( In association with Govt. And Rajasthan Police )
• Beat The Heat – Summer Sunday
• OTR 4 – Near Raisar
• Deshnok Bike Aarti Ride
• Mandwa – Alsisar Fort – Bhojasar
• Upcoming Ride
– 15 August ( Divided By Club – United By Tri-Color ) – ( Ahhichatragarh Fort – Nagaur Fort )

Jaipur RCB 14

• Upcoming 15 August Ride

If you want a mix of desert, canyon, and mountain, the Jaisalmer, Bikaner, And upcoming Jaipur Track Tour is a perfect blend of all three. Each tour has its own unique beauty and all are a photographer’s dream. ‘RCB’Bullets Wranglers will take you from the desert to the mountains and everywhere in-between.

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