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If you live in a city, every commute could be a best-of reel of dangerous driving. Car doors, in particular, Bikers, often sandwiched in a bike lane between parked cars and flowing traffic, are so prone to be struck by errant car doors that the phenomenon now has a name: dooring. Sadly, it’s more common than you’d think.

If you are sitting on the driver’s side of a parked car and want to get out, don’t open the door with your door-side (right) hand as you’re intuitively prepared to — instead, open the door with your left hand. This simple motion causes you to pivot your entire upper body as you reach, first drawing your line of sight past by your rear-view mirror, and then out to the street behind you. (If you are on the passenger’s side, use your Right hand instead of your Left; the trick is just to use the hand furthest from the door to ensure an upper-body pivot.)
Meanwhile, minor scrapes and accidents are caused all the time when drivers or passengers open their door into an adjacent vehicle. Still, by far the most lethal danger posed by car doors involves bikers.In fact, this type of collision is so common, it even has a name.“Dooring” is an accident in which a biker crashes into the open door of a car.


It’s just that simple—and it works. So effective. For decades, that’s just how drivers have been taught to open a door. if you reach across your body with your left hand to open the door, it forces you to turn your whole upper body.
This encourages you to look out the window automatically. Even if you aren’t consciously checking for cyclists, you will notice any oncoming obstacles.
Opening the door with your left hand can also protect other drivers and pedestrians from collisions with the car door. This simple switch can make a huge difference in safety!

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