If you are a Foodie, like to experiment and in Jaipur, then Sanjay omelette is a must try for you. Sanjay Omelette is owned by Mr Sanjay Sharma, who was also one of the participants of Masterchef India and has been serving to students and locals in Jaipur for over 2 decades. Whenever a person feels like having a finger-licking egg dish, one name that strikes the mind is Sanjay Omelette. A true egg junkie would never miss out on a chance to visit this place. This is a small eatery at the Janta store circle market, Bapu Nagar. When you reach this place you will wonder what it is. There will be many cars parked all around and all you need to do is ‘HONK’ or call out to one of the servers.

Some guy will rush to you and ask you to place your order. Omelettes start at 60 INR but are really filling and unique. This is not a fancy place at all- its just a tiny stall full of eggs and people but a food lover must not miss this place! Sanjay Omelette serves around 150 varieties of egg dishes to its customers. One of the popular and innovative dishes at Sanjay’s is Egg Pizza, which is a unique combination of omelette and pizza, and try the delectable Egg Rabri at Sanjay Omelette and you’ll forget all the conventional egg dishes for a while.


Exact address: B-18-19, Janta Store, Bapu Nagar, Jaipur-302015

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