Jaipur, as we all know, is famous by the name ‘pink city’ and is also the capital of the state of Rajasthan. Jaipur has been a very famous vacation spot which is visited by foreigners as well as Indians every year to relax and enjoy a hearty time with friends and family. Jaipur is also a great shopping hub with shops consisting of varieties of goods ranging from fabrics to sandals to bags and the list might just not come to an end. In short, you get anything you want at a low price and superb quality. An amazing combo to truly vouch for, isn’t it? People here certainly follow the ‘shop till you drop’ kind of attitude. if you’re visiting Jaipur then here are few stops where you can land and have a good piece of Jaipur’s culture in your bag. Get ready if you’re a shopaholic because this is going to leave you smitten in a blink.

; the best shopping street of Jaipur along with their speciality

First of all, Sireh Deori Bazaar situated right opposite to city’s famous Hawa Mahal. It is famous for its special Jaipuri quilts, leather shoes, yummy delicious snacks, colourful textiles and puppets. It is spread across the western gate of the city walls and goes up to the eastern city gate. The bazaar gives you a feel of the old city along with a glimpse of the range of shopping items available. One can spend a nice enjoyable time with their family and friends while window shopping or doing the actual shopping.

You can probably spend an entire day just window-shopping. The most noteworthy pick in this market is the beautiful camel leather bags. Adding to this, leather shoes, puppets, knickknacks and some unique hangings stand out too. Things which are exclusive make of Jaipur.

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