Voluntary Health Services (VHS), Chennai in collaboration with RSACS & Nai bhor celebrated “Transgender Day” program on 24 May 2017 at Hotel Uniara, Jaipur, Rajasthan.

Transgender Day - Equal Rights Mutual Respect (1) Transgender Day - Equal Rights Mutual Respect (2)

Transgenders, the marginalised and hidden sections crave for support and recognition from the society. Prevalence of HIV/AIDS among Transgenders is on high for their high-risk sexual behaviour and vulnerable life conditions. They seek for love, affections, understanding and acceptance as they are. Rather been sympathetic, they seek equality and justice with others in society.
Honourable Supreme Court of India has passed a judgment, about mainstreaming Transgender population in India on 15th April 2014. VHS supports the empowerment and mainstreaming of Transgender community, TG CBOs and Networks in India in different aspects. Since April 2014, VHS supports Transgender community/ Community-Based Organisation/ networks to celebrate the anniversary and extend thanks to honourable Supreme Court of India.
The purpose of the event, to advocating with the government of Rajasthan to bring Policy level changes on recognising April 15th as Transgender Day and for implementing Supreme Court Judgment on Third Gender.
In this event, the community representatives submit a charter of demand hand it over to the Minister of State Social Justice & Empowerment and developing follow-up action plan by the community for their betterment.
This event is also an effort to approach state and central government, seeking support in the successful implementation of directions given in the landmark judgment.

Transgender Day - Equal Rights Mutual Respect (5)Transgender Day - Equal Rights Mutual Respect (3)

Transgender Community lenders submitting the following Charter of Demands of the Government.
# To strengthen Third gender Welfare Board in the State

# To announce every year April 15th on Transgender day

# To introduce them home through Indira Awas Yojana or other welfare schemes as free of cost

# To set up separate wards in all government hospitals, special toilets and free medical treatment for the third gender

# To introduce special reservation for free education to third genders

# For secure of livelihood of the third gender there should be special arrangements in SAHARI YOJANA

# To accept, we to get pension amount from the existing old age pension scheme for all Third gender who are above the age of forty.

# To introduce separate third gender identity space columns like Male, Female, and Transgender.

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