Sitolia is a traditional game of Rajasthan is played between two teams in the circular field consisting of 7 players each. On winning the toss of the coin, the winner chooses to field or to play. Sitolia the 7 round flat stones pilling up on each other is played with the ball made of cloth or sponge or rubber. The playing teams depute one of its members to dash the piled 7 stones using the ball from the marked line.  One member gets 3 throws to dash the pile.

Sitolia (Pitthu) (3)

This game is also known by other names like :

  1. a)      Dikori
  1. b)      Lagoori
  1. c)       Lingocha (Hyderabad)
  1. d)      Lingorchya (Maharashtra)
  1. e)      Pitthu (Haryana)
  1. f)       Satoliya (Rajasthan)
  1. g)      Satodiya (Gujarat)
  1. h)      Yedu Penkulata (Andra Pradesh)
  1. i)        Dabba Kali (Kerala)
  1. j)        Ezhu Kallu (Tamil Nadu)

The fielding team puts one member diagonally opposite on the other side of the pile. When the player throws the ball and after it has bounced, if any of the fielders catch the ball; the player is out and the next one is given the chance.

Sitolia (Pitthu) (2)

Things Required to Play:

1)      A ball: Tennis ball or rubber ball types (not to hard)

2)      & stones: If not stones then its substitute.

3)      Two teams. Minimum 2 – 3 players in each team. More the players, a lot more fun.

On hitting the Sitolia pile if some of the stones fall & one of the members of the playing team pileup the stones announcing loudly ‘Sitolia’, this team gets one point. The player which got out of this team gets a life again. The team has to announce ‘Sitolia’ essentially to get a point. If any of the team members is hit by the ball before an announcement of Sitolia, the struck player is out of the game and the team gains no point. After the ‘Sitolia’ is dashed and the ball has taken a bounce on the ground & then caught by the fielding team member, then the throwing player is not out but if the fielding team catches the ball before it bounces on the ground, whole playing team is declared out. The fielding team is Jubilant. The team which scores more point will be declared a winner. The fielding team has to hit one of the playing team members within 3 minutes from dashing of the Sitolia pile to make him out.

Sitolia (Pitthu) (1)


Throwing the ball;

Evading the ball;

Building the pile of stones;

Distracting the opposite team from building the pile

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  • Dheeraj Kumar
    June 8, 2022 at 5:20 am

    Can u say me that sitolia game is organised at what place in Jaipur on 8 June 2022

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    June 8, 2022 at 9:38 am

    Can u tell the place that where satoliya is organising

  • Deepak ola
    October 7, 2022 at 9:21 am

    hello sir… where is pittu (सितोलिया) aceedemy in Jaipur

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