Dr, Mahesh Sharma, the charming and erudite young leader and Founder of the youth for Nation, has had his fair share of the political and social whirlwinds of the body politic in his previous portfolio. what is increasingly proving to be an illustrious career and track record in his visionary leadership and politics?

Dr Mahesh Sharma is president of Bhartiya Janta Majdoor Mahasangh. According to Dr Mahesh, workers are financially weak and the wages paid to workers were quite inadequate to meet their basic needs. BJMM satisfies the needs through entertainment, recreation, medical, education etc. BJMM gives job satisfaction to the worker and motivates them through best efforts to achieve the goals of the organization. which helps to avoid conflicts. They feel that they are not ignored as they are the weaker sections of the society thus, industrial relations will be improved. It will bring industrial peace and cordial relations.
By all accounts and despite the unwarranted setbacks, the young leader has scored many significant goals in his political life and the pursuit of his personal ambition. His political career has been a blessing for global, and local spheres of government and society. In the midst of these adversities, bold and visionary leadership is not only a must but a necessary precondition for the survival of a country and its people.
Speaking with the Jaipur Explore, Dr Mahesh invited the students to engage openly with Home Affairs. “When you work for Home Affairs, you quickly develop a thick skin, and you don’t need to worry about our feelings. We want to hear your concerns,” he said. This attests to a visionary leadership that sees opportunity beyond the confines of our narrow borders.


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