Dr Harshvardhan Minster of Environment and forest was able to take some time from his busy schedule to speak to Jaipur explore about Hathi Gaon And the issue of wildlife SOS. We will say that if ever there was a thorough gentleman we have seen, it is Dr Harshvardhan. Dr Harshvardhan is humility personify. No airs about him. No question of arrogance. A gentleman to the core. The Minister promises us that he will consider on Hathi Gaon seriously.

We are glad we had a chance to talk about Hathi Gaon with Dr Harshvardhan. We know how important the categorization project is to the department. We feel like the questions and concerns we had about Hathi Gaon have been resolved in that we decided to do meet ministry. They provided some new information about Elephant rights that we need to look into, and so we’d like to get back with him next month.

Jaipur Explore’s Editor-in-Cheif Vikram Singh Dhodhaliya and Hathi Gaon’s Team Aziz Khan, Saleem Khan, Najar Mohd., Shokat Ali, Shafeek Khan, And Kabir Khan aka Ahsan met to Manju Pandey Joint Secretary of Environmental and Forest Department. we thanks her for talking with us about the concerns we had regarding the change in the process. Based on our conversation, It sounds as if the process is going to remain the same, and though we still have several concerns, We appreciate you hearing us out and We will do all we can to make it work as we both want the department to remain efficient and flexible.


We thanks to Environmental and Forest Department for meeting with us. We know that we have already discussed Hathi Gaon appraisal and we feel as if you have recognized a lot of what we have accomplished during the past several years. We want to be considered a top performer and contribute to the department and We know you would like that for us as well.

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