Indian Chef Bhawani Singh Khangarot has created the perfect scenario to evidence his very particular view of gastronomy.
Bhawani Singh Khangarot has created a superbly fresh set of sharing plates that mesh his memories of growing up in Rajasthan with his decades of experience in professional kitchens and his fine-dining sensibilities. But as a globetrotter chef Khangarot’s cuisine in India is inspired by all the cultures which influence a cook working on the border, gathering natural produce of the ancient Indian without never forgetting his Indian roots. Khangarot offers Burra kebab, Kakori kebab, Kalimi kebab, Galooti Kebab, Patthar Gosht, Nihari etc . According to Khangarot As we are, we’re growing Age of technology in they are also getting away from own legacy of Royal Heritage Indian cuisine, this cuisine is one of the finest / Rich flavourful cuisines, which is deep influences from various foreign Rulers, Their influences in letter of the process of cooking style.
“These Kababs is inspired by Mughal Afgan rulers.
Some of them come with paratha which is essential for dipping, and the kebab melts in your mouth. This is my most personal opening to date,” he says.
His dishes embrace the surroundings in a unique and all-encompassing way, always looking for the best ingredients, from the freshest food to fields, strolling through well-known India’s citric fruits. Bhawani Singh Khangarot’s talent lies in his sensitive balance of taste and flavour, merging influences from Traditional and Modern.

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