If you are an artist and you don’t visit Jawahar kala Kendra on your tour to Jaipur then it is incomplete because this is one place which is like the second home for all the artists. A place that showcases every facet of performing art, and have beautiful galleries, auditoriums that are spectacularly designed.

So, the story goes like the Maharaja Jai Singh who build this beautiful Pink city was moved by two seemingly conflicts set of ideas one of them was the ancient Navgarh (the module of 9 planets). Which also concludes that Pink City had a huge role in the past of the Indian Art and it was Our First Prime Minister Sri Jawahar Lal Nehru who discovered it and hence this art centre is dedicated to him.

This place was built in 1986 and was completed in 1991 by a noted architect Charles Correa who was inspired by the original city plan of Jaipur which consisted of 9 squares with the centre one left open. Therefore this place consist of  a library named ‘Sandarbh’ where you can sit and read the thousands of books which are available, Open air theatre named ‘Madhyavarti’ where many performances are held from time to time and it concludes of stairs where you can sit and have a look at the people performing more clearly, along with Indian coffee House which had been serving the people who come since 19 century.

This is one place where throughout the year something or the other goes on and also that if you come here you will never be disappointed as you will get something or the other of your interest. This is one place where many staggering events have taken place for example the Rang Rajasthan-the Rajasthan International Art Festival, Jairangam, Rajasthan Festival naming the few.

Make sure to take a walk through this ultimate hub of arts and crafts as it was established to nurture art and the artist of the state and the country.

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