One look at this ancient wonder is enough to give an idea to anyone what we mean by classifying it as one of the most haunted places in Jaipur. This 300-year-old abandoned palace sits, partially submerged, in the middle of the Man Sagar Lake.

It is said that the palace, nestled in isolation, was built to host royal picnics and duck hunting soirees. The real reason behind the construction, though, remains elusive and lost. The palace comprises of five storeys, four of which lie submerged beneath the water. The fifth floor, the only one visible above ground, boasts of meticulously carved balconies and a terrace. A popular theory suggests that the infamous palace was abandoned after the dirty water from the lake started seeping in through its sandstone walls. But then, it is just a theory and lacks proof thereof. The palace was renovated a few years back, and a to and fro boating service was also resumed. Yet, today, this edifice reeks of its own haunt with several unfortunate incidents under its belt. People have claimed to have heard loud, hysterical screams from within its walls. Also, the air inside seems heavy, as if polluted by a strong demonic presence.
After dusk, nobody dares step within the palace.

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