It’s no surprise that modeling is an aspirational career  Now in Jaipur. With fashion Blog right around the corner, it’s only right that we get you amped to see what designers have up their sleeves for this upcoming season. Apart from the clothes, the lights, the cameras, and the action, we all know what really completes the shows — the models, of course.

Each month, a new class of models moves from obscurity to runway glory, successfully landing choice bookings and working with the biggest names in fashion, and though it’s impossible to predict exactly who will become the next Face, some new faces stand out more than others. Here are the model set to make the biggest impact in 2016.  ‘Aman Godara’ from Gurugram, Now this is a face you won’t forget in a hurry.

Fashion has an insatiable appetite for a “cool guy,” and Aman Godara is the latest in a long line of nonchalant series with idiosyncratic looks.  and he’s already making the rounds in last publications like Jaipur Explore Magazine and Self Service. he’s indisputably handsome, but also has bags of attitude that make you want to stare at him. Aman Godara looks the picture of health and has a bone structure to die for. If anyone was to inspire us to take up jogging it’s that toned physique.

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