Commonly referred to as a blood-thirsty road, Delhi Jaipur Highway has a record of several horrid stories. People passing by the highway have witnessed paranormal activities in the area. A woman draped in a red-saree wearing jewellery is often seen at a distance, however, undoubtedly, it vanishes leaving people astonished.


Just 8 miles before Jaipur, there is a dhaba. A few years ago in a car accident, a young lady lost her life and since then she has been haunting the place. The drivers who drive at late night have seen a woman wearing a red sari and lot of jewellery coming and standing right in front of the car. And if you stop the car she will disappear. It is a very common incident and a lot of people have witnessed her. Imagine how scary it would be to see a woman coming right in front of your vehicle from nowhere.
For most of the villagers, living in the vicinity, the cause of the haunting remains unknown. Ironically, this particular stretch of road is the one that leads to the Bhangarh Fort.

Is this the reason of the infestation related to the presence of the fort or does the story have a whole other dimension? For now, the answer remains shrouded in mystery.

To be continued……

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