Being humble is all that I believe in: Rahul Panwar

Being humble is all that I believe in: Rahul Panwar

 Rahul Panwar is on streak of hits when it comes to YouTube and Soundcloud and holds the name of being an international fame in the shortest period of time. Talks about his patiently waiting for opportunities to come and about his experience in life.

1.        So Rahul, Tell me something about yourself?

 I’m currently on that verge of my life where I want to work the hardest and achieve everything that I can. I’ve done my schooling from Defence Public School, Jaipur and pursued my graduation from Rajasthan University Jaipur. Since the beginning I’ve been learning to be self-reliant and do all the things by myself. So, that’s why I learned singing, dancing, playing guitar and the list goes on. I have also done theatre, street play and script writing from JKK under Sandeep Madan,Babita Madan and Raju Kumar.

I have always been a person who want to take knowledge from every possible where, therefore because of that I love talking to people and knowing their story of life. I’ve always been someone who tries in giving the best performance in whichever field I work in and makes sure that people around me are happy.

2.        What are your hobbies?

 (Laughs) I’ve got a long list of hobbies and I’m pretty sure the list will go on till I grow old but that things that I absolutely love doing is Singing, Acting, Dancing, Playing Badminton, playing games on Ps3 and the list goes on and on. But yeah, I always try to learn something more and I make sure that every day I get some new experience and I come across something new and that I learn something every now and then.


3.         What is that incident that pushed you for what you are today?

 So, the thing that happened was that last year I attended this concert of Arijit Singh and I was right in front of the Stage and I was listening to him singing, that experience was mind blowing, and since then I knew what exactly I wanted to do and that same night I went home opened YouTube and searched ways to play guitar, and I would be lying if I said that, if that night I wouldn’t have gone to that concert I really don’t know where I would have been today, As that concert played a huge role in what I am today and I’m thankful for whatever I have today.


4.  Since childhood what was your ambition?

 Since I remember I wanted to be an actor as I was always number one boy when it came to curricular activities, acting and singing was something that I was really good at and luckily today too I have the same ambition and I’m trying my level best and working hard and doing everything to reach to that platform.


5.  How do you evaluate success?

Success to me is when people adore me for everything I am, they take me as an Inspiration and look forward to me for anything. I want to make a difference in the society and let people know that if they have talent than they can achieve anything, therefore you do not need to be rich or poor, all you need to have is talent.


6.  What is your Mantra of dealing with Stress and Pressure?

 I take out all my stress in my talent and let them take control over my anxiety, this way I even become relieved and also I’m benefited from it as I do really good. I believe in not passing the negative energy rather transfer it in something productive.


7.   What are your achievements till now?

 I am one person who get international fame in a short period of time, also you can see me in Sound Cloud with great hits and also my You-Tube channel is on fire as I get a good number of likes and followers, In all I can say that people appreciating my work is my greatest achievement.

I’ve to share my experience that there was an event ‘Spandan’ organized by government in which I conducted the role of play director.

8.  Tell me about your Journey till now?

 My journey has been amazing and I would thank all the people who ever supported me and gave me knowledge about everything that I know today. Today one thing that I’m proud of is that I am a complete package i.e. I know how to sing, dance, act and play guitar. Therefore, I won’t say that it was a smooth journey all along but yeah it was full of experience and it made me a better person that I am today.


9.  What is that one thing that you want to do for the society?

 I want to do a lot for the society especially polish the talent of the youngsters and help then gain confidence and tell them that they are equally capable of achieving everything they deserve. I want to help the people who come from the backward class as I’ve seen a lot that they lose their confidence very easily. I cannot see people being disappointed and not getting something that they absolutely deserve therefore there is a lot to improve in this society that the people generally ignore and highlighting them and wiping them out is what I truly want.

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10. Who is your favourite actor, actresses and why?

 My favourite actor is Shahrukh Khan and the reason behind is that I am really inspired by the way he struggled, if you want to see a true struggle story it’s his story you should have a look to, he firstly came in a TV serial then a small role and today he is the king of Bollywood. He is my role model and I look forward to him every day. My favourite actress is Deepike Padukone as she is extremely talented and pretty.

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